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CoreNet Global represents more than 11,000 corporate real estate (CRE) executives in 50 countries with strategic responsibility for the real estate assets of large corporations. CoreNet Global is forward thinking, ahead of the curve and redefines the “professional association” - part association, part think tank, part research entity. As the thought leader in the CRE profession, CoreNet Global provides targeted programming, services, and networks crafted to meet the distinctive needs of members, providing value for individuals and the companies they work for, regardless of where they are in the world.

Now more than ever, corporate real estate professionals are integral to aligning real estate strategy with the business strategy to positively impact an organization’s bottom line. Pursuing a career in corporate real estate takes careful planning, and CoreNet Global is here to help you succeed at every stage of your career. Whether you seeking talent for your organization or are in search of the next step in your career, our Career Action Center remains the best source for global CRE jobs and talent.